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keepdroppingpounds said: Because you completed the ABC diet as of right now you are such an inspiration to me ... Good job. I'm on day 2 and I'm going to keep going because of you. Thank you(:


You have no idea how much that means to me. :) You inspire me to do as much as I can to recover from my stupid relapse! So thanks for that ^^

simplylimayri-deactivated201212 said: Hey!!
I am amazed by the before and after pics they are AMAZING! :D
I really want to try the abc diet but can't fast (due to my mom) so is there a way I can still do the diet?
& how did you stay motivated and kept going? I have a lot of trouble with that because I usually give in and binge. :(

Aww, thank you hun! I relapsed recently but I’m working on getting back to how I was…

Definitely! The thing about diets is you can modify them =] Maybe say 100 on fast days or whichever amount you choose.

It was easy that first time around but I’ve been dealing with motivation issues lately… =/ I can’t think of much advice otherwise I’d be okay right now lol. Umm, I suggest lots of water, spreading your calories out in small amounts throughout the day instead of one meal, and maybe if you’re about to binge have something you do like chew gum, or do 10 crunches when you crave, or a rubber band on your wrist you pull back. Lol, also try and remind yourself WHY you’re not eating. Think of what you want to be, and ask if that temporary satisfaction is worth never getting there

Anonymous said: i have a question for you, i currently weigh 196lbs im 5'10 so im overweight, if i did the ana boot camp diet, how much do you think id loose, and do you recommend excercise with the boot camp?

Definitely. Though it won’t be as quick a process if you’re currently already restricting, so don’t be freaking out if you don’t see results immediately. And YES. Definitely exercise!!!

Anonymous said: I know you have heaps of asks, but I'm really freaking out. I'm on day 10 of the abc diet and I haven't noticed any change or lost weight yet. I've only gone over on like two, maybe three days, but I mostly eat fruit/vegetables. Also i've been walking/jogging most days. Should I keep going even though I haven't lost weight yet? Or should I start again and make sure I'm way under the calorie limit each day? Please try and answer this :(

Hmm… Were you previously restricting? That can make the process a bit slower… I started ABC without any recent restricting at all, so it kind of melted off at first. I say keep going but if you aren’t seeing results maybe shave off 50-100cal from each day, and every 4 days, add calories to spike your metabolism. Also, drink tons of green tea if you don’t already

nuffinq said: Hey i've heard alot of bad stuff about the ana boot camp diet. such as losing hair and im worried about my hair if i try it. i have been eating less that half of what i normally eat (about 500 cal a day now) then i excercise it off. do you think my hair will start falling out? did that ever happen to you? but anyhow, good job, im so proud of you. and you are such inspiration to me. also, how do you not eat when your parents are around. dont they tell you to eat?? i dont want my mom to find out...

I didn’t lose any hair :O If you’re already restricting that much and exerscising and you haven’t lost hair yet, it’s seeeriously doubtful you’ll start.

Thank you :)

Well what little I ate, I made sure to eat it in front of them so they thought I ate. Also, I made fake dirty dishes so I could say that I ate already.

skinny-is-my-goal said: You're obviously lying~
Clearly you have nothing better to do than edit pictures of yourself to appear larger/smaller.
LOL GUYS this girl legit did all that work. Let her be proud<3


Haha, people are so silly with their accusations :) I saw it and I was like LOLWUT xD

I love you hun ;D

stay-fitt said: You had such great progress! It's sooo inspiring. How much did you workout during the ABC?

Thank you! Sadly I had a relapse, but I’m doing everything I can to get back to where I was… The first month I did 4 hours of jogging and morning/nightly floor exercises, then the last month I kinda slacked off and mainly did 20min-1hour floor exercises, sometimes a few hours of hula hoops

noiretmoi said: Wow. Just wow. I can't get over just what a difference the ABC has done. I'm going to get onto it. jsut wow. thanks for showing me your progress. xx

No problem hun, stay strong!

It’s hilarious how people think my before/after shots are edited, and that I lied about my before stats…

BAHAHAH. I have more before shots if you want proof. And I weighed in at 107 on that day on my scale. Unless the scale was off, I’m not lying. Also, I’m pretty short (5’1) to clear up confusion as to how I appeared the way I did with those numbers. It’s a proportions thing. And you may have had the same stats and looked totally different, but our bodies ARE different. Different bone density, muscle mass, and each body distributes fat DIFFERENTLY. I honestly don’t care if anyone thinks the pic is fake, or if I’m lying. I just felt I deserved a quick little say to justify myself. —-end rant—-

almosttooyoung said: I'd very much like too the rest of ur before and after pics. Where can I find them?

I have a progress photobucket but your ask box is disabled, if you want to see them you can message me your email i’ll send you the link

fuckyeahchoking said: hello, you're wonderful. could i have your progress photobucket? i need inspiration

Your ask is disabled

My Apology.

I’m really sorry. To everyone I haven’t answered, and everyone who Used to look at my daily posts for inspiration/motivation. I have 178 messages which is really overwhelming. I’m still painfully recovering from surgery, and I’ve been very stressed and depressed lately. I’m dealing with separation anxiety from my boyfriend, my college homework is stacking up like crazy, I’m rushing to finish my application process to University of Texas which I doubt I’ll get in, dealing with a sick family with anger issues, my depression about how I let myself go body-wise and hate myself so fucking much for it… I can’t exercise, I can’t purge, and I’ve lost control. No one even questions me about my body anymore (Not like I seek attention, but when it goes from constant worry to no one saying anything, I obviously got fat again…) And I’ve been doing much better the past few days but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I feel like a failure in this and in life right now, and I just haven’t had the time or even really the care to get on here… I feel so dead, and I’ve randomly burst into tears at least 10 times the past three days (including now, writing this) And I’m worried my parents are going to try again to send me to a mental institution or something because my depression has become so obvious. So I’m really sorry I haven’t gotten to y’all’s questions. It’s not that it’s not important, I just have so much going on in my life right now… I’m sorry.  I will answer all of you, I swear.


I feel so bad, I haven’t replied to anyone’s asks… When I get back from church I swear I will okay???

Abc Diet Day 4 round 2 (Feb 5) - 400 calories

I screwed up… I can’t believe it. 2/3 days I binged. I’ve really lost it guys… I don’t deserve to be anyone’s inspiration. I’m bloated, fat, and weak. I had around 1000 fucking calories, and it really shows. And I can’t exercise thanks to the damn surgery. I can’t purge either but I did for the first time in a while a few times last night because I felt so damn guilty… I feel like such a failure right now…

I can’t be like this. I need to get myself back together. So I’ve decided to Forever ban a few foods a day. Some foods are the ones we regularly keep in the house that I binge on, the others are outside guilty pleasure foods I usually avoid, but sometimes make an exception for. I can’t make those exceptions anymore, and I can’t keep letting myself go more than I have…

Today I’m marking out graham crackers (something we recently started keeping in the house, but has become my greatest high-cal enemy) and poptarts (rarely kept in the house lately, but my father’s decided to start buying them again and they’re so damn irresistable, but 400 calories for 2 pastries…) I am not eating these two foods again. Maybe a long way down the road, but not at least for a few months. Maybe not again this year. I hope I can keep this promise to myself…

Today is 100 and I am forcing myself daily green tea again, plus I’m only eating neg calorie foods (fruits/veggies) today. That used to be all I ate but I started slowly slipping into eating for flavor again, and that’s where I messed up…

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